Working together to champion the gifts, and support the needs of Manitobans with dyslexia.

Our organization has developed this website to create a dyslexia-informed community.

Our aim is to provide evidence-based resources and training opportunities for educators, resource professionals, and parents.

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Upcoming Events / Training

October 1, 2022

Mark it Read Activities Across Manitoba and Across the Country

Stay tuned for upcoming details about this year's Mark it Read events in Manitoba. This year's theme is "Celebrating Success". Join us by hosting your own event. Ideas include lighting up a building in Red, asking your local government representatives to 'Proclaim October as Dyslexia Awareness Month', give a presentation about dyslexia at your school, ask your local library to bring awareness about dyslexia this October. The Dyslexia Canada's Mark it Read website will host lots of resources for you to use this October!

Accommodations are important for the dyslexic child.

Don't wait for students to fail before they get the help they need.

Let's work together to help kids reach their full potential.